They say you should start a business doing what you love best…

Well, for us, there's very little we love more than an ice-cold beer. However, too often we've had to settle for less. The hot kiwi sun and warm hands quickly warm even the coldest of beers. And in a country that drinks more than 300 million litres of beer a year, we thought that sounded like a problem worth solving. 

From this love of cold beer, HUSKI was born; a New Zealand owned and operated start-up with one sole purpose - help kiwis never drink a warm beer again.

We launched pre-orders for HUSKI Coolers on 23 July 2017.

Our HUSKI Coolers work using double-wall vacuum insulation thermal technology, which significantly reduces heat transfer and the resulting warming that usually happens as soon as you take your beer out of the fridge. The stay-dry design also means no condensation, keeping your hands and table dry, no coaster needed. HUSKI Coolers are precision engineered with high-grade 304 stainless steel and are built to last. We stand behind our products 100%.  

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Cheers - Simon

Press coverage
"It's very early days for us, but at the core, we created Huski in the belief that there's a better way to enjoy cold drinks."
Small Business: Making a living from cooling your beers
NZ Herald - November 13, 2017
"We thought maybe we can create this product and explore ways that we can build it that works for Kiwis and help Kiwis never have to drink a warm beer again, said Simon."
Pukekohe startup, Huski, to tackle New Zealand's warm beer 'epidemic'
Stuff - November 27, 2017
"Frustrated with beers getting warm in their hands this Kiwi start up developed a cooler that uses thermal technology to keep the beverage icy no matter how hot it is."
Cooler beer
Radio New Zealand - November 13, 2017
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