Kiwi Startup Tackles Warm Beer 'Epidemic'

November 13, 2017

After one too many warm beers, New Zealand startup Huski Limited today launched a revolutionary new product that keeps beer ice-cold while you drink - The Huski Cooler™.

“Like most Kiwis, we love a cold beer, but with the New Zealand sun it’s a pleasure that’s often all too short lived; we thought that sounded like a problem worth solving”, says Huski co-founder, Simon Huesser.

“Throw in that New Zealanders consume more than 300 million litres of beer a year(1) and global warming; you’ve got an epidemic on your hands”.

Huski ran a pre-order, before its official launch, and sold more than 100 units of the HUSKI Cooler™ in the first week through its website

The hand-held HUSKI Cooler uses vacuum thermal technology to significantly reduce heat transfer, and the resulting warming, that happens when beer is taken out of the fridge(2). Designed specifically for Kiwis, the Huski Cooler fits most standard sized New Zealand beers.

Huski surveyed 281 New Zealanders and found the following(3):

  • 55% of people drink a standard size beer at least once a week
  • 71% of beer drinkers take 10 minutes or longer to drink a standard size beer
  • 93% of beer drinkers notice a change in temperature of their beer while drinking
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About Huski
Huski is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Huski was founded in May 2017 by Simon and Meika Huesser. The couple recently moved back home to New Zealand after nearly 10 years in the United Kingdom. They are both first-time entrepreneurs.

(1) Kirin Beer University Report Global Beer Consumption by Country in 2015
(2) HUSKI Blog: 84% of Kiwis not drinking cold beer
(3) HUSKI Blog: NZ Beer Survey Results

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