The Perfect Beer Temperature

It's nothing new that most people prefer cold beer and for most people that usually just means grabbing a beer from the fridge.

However, the team at the Homebrewers Association have taken it a step further and using data from Randy Mosher (big-time beer guru) they have pulled together a guide which suggests the optimal temperature at which to drink your favourite brew. 

Beer type

Suggested temperature (° C)


Amercian Mainstream Light Lagers 0.6 - 4.4  Ice cold
Pale Lagers, Pilsners 3.3 - 7.2 Ice cold/Cold
Cream & Blonde Ales, Nitro Stouts, Belgian Pale Ales, Abbey Tripels 4.4 - 7.2 Cold
Wheat Beers, Lambics 4.4 - 10 Cold/Chilled
Dark Lagers, American Pale Ales & IPAs 7.2 - 10 Chilled
Stouts, Porters 7.2 - 12.8 Chilled/Cool
Strong Lagers, Real & Cask Ales, Belgian Dubbels 10 - 12.8 Cool

Data from Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher.

If remembering a bunch of specific temperatures isn't your bag, here's a few general trends that might help you remember what the experts have to say:  

  • Lagers are served colder than ales
  • Stronger beers are served warmer than weaker beers
  • Darker beers are served warmer than lighter beers

At the end of the day, it's our view that you should enjoy your beer in whatever way you enjoy most, whether that be a sub-zero stout or luke-warm lager. We'll probably pass on the latter though - thanks ❄️🍺👍

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